Rick and MaryAnn Moon

We Sit In The Shade of Trees We Did Not Plant

We are Rick and MaryAnn Moon.  Rick, his sister Marsha, and parents R. D. and Dathern Moon joined First Baptist in 1965.  Upon our move to Huntsville in August 1988 we joined them bringing with us our 5-year-old son, Russ, and 3-month-old daughter, Laura.  From the beginning we have been part of the Children’s ministry at First Baptist as Extended Session Volunteers, Mission Friends teacher, VBS volunteers, graded choir leader, Music Camp volunteer, and for the past 25 plus years Preschool Sunday School teachers.

Our church campus has changed since the day we joined First Baptist.  The fellowship hall and sanctuary have been renovated.  The Christian Life Center was torn down and the new Gathering Space, Worship Center, Youth Center, and administrative offices were built, and restoration of the Mosaic is reaching its conclusion.  It has been exciting days for our church family as we wait for the unveiling of the new facilities.  We have seen the need growing for more nursery space as families join and bring their children to church.  

We were not in Huntsville for the reveal of pledges for GENERATIONS but made sure we were up to watch the early service and were brought to tears at the generosity of our church family.  As Samford alums, we are often reminded that we sit in the shade of trees we did not plant.  It was a moving experience to watch members of our congregation of all ages pledge their support of prayer and resources to the GENERATIONS Building and Renovation campaign.  We look forward to seeing the many ways our church family and community will be blessed, many of which we cannot even imagine.