A Family’s Support for the Next Generations of our Church

We are so excited that our church, across all generations, is committed to investing in our First Kids Ministry through their commitment to GENERATIONS.  This is apparent in the time people volunteer to serve these kids and in where they choose to put their money. 

From the first time we heard our church was considering updating the kid’s area we knew we wanted to be part of making that happen.  We were very impressed with the patience and discernment the church took in the planning of the project and the iterative nature of the process to ensure that we were meeting the desires of the full congregation.  It would have been much easier to charge ahead with the first plan but the project and church leaders were diligent to take the time to make sure we had the desires and concerns of the church addressed. 

When we began to think about how we would financially support the GENERATIONS campaign and where those funds would come from we felt led to make sacrifices in our personal plans and budgets to enable our support.  We decided to forgo a week of vacation per year to free up funds for the next three years during the campaign.  Little did we know what would come in 2020 and how limited vacation options would be, so this sacrifice has ended up being a lot easier than we anticipated. 

God’s direction is always great and makes much more sense in the rear view mirror!

Jeremy & Kristin DelGreco