A Love for Children in the Church and Community

Lara grew up at FBC and her mother still attends here.  Dean started coming as a young adult and we met in the Singles class.  Our two children, Kristen and Justin, had a wonderful experience growing up at FBC.  They were able to participle in things like preschool Music and Missions, Children’s choir, GAs, RAs, VBS and Music Camp in addition to Sunday Bible study classes.   As middle school and high school students, they had the advantage of being able to use the new Student Center when it opened.  Personally experiencing how that new space has been such a blessing to our Student Ministry makes us excited for how our new children’s area will be a blessing to the next generation.  

Our church has always had an obvious love for children that shows in the way we share God’s love not only with the children of our members but also with those who come to participate in our various programs.  When you have been blessed to work with children and students like we have, you see the impact our ministries have not just on our own kids but on those in the community around us.  We believe supporting this campaign is important for our church.  Even though our children are now in college (and we’re paying tuition for two), we still set aside funds to support  GENERATIONS.

On a separate note, Lara has been a library volunteer for a few years and had the opportunity to help move the library into its new space.   Our goal was to make a more accessible and user friendly library for our church.  Part of that included creating a kid friendly area.  You may have seen our new library if you’ve watched Sunday services on TV.  In the children’s area, there is a beautiful Huntsville themed mural on the wall along with our own red bridge like the one in Big Spring Park.  We combined our books with those from WEE and have a great selection of children’s books ready to be borrowed.  Our WEE ministry has been actively using this new space and we look forward to having all our FBC children back at church in person so we can share this space with them too.  Having the new library already in place gives us just a glimpse of all the new things to come with the GENERATIONS Building and Renovation Campaign.

Dean and Lara Daugherty