A Place to Forget Life’s Troubles

I know how much our church loves children, but, before the renovation I don’t think visitors would instantly know it walking through the halls of the building itself.

At my sons’ preschool, you just know, deep down, that children are a top priority by looking at the way they have decorated, the rooms, and all of the building decisions they have made.  I desperately want that for my church. 

My family joined the church when I was 8, and I firmly believe the many experiences I had growing up at FBC helped lay the foundation for the moment when I accepted Jesus as my personal savior. 

Now that I am a mom of two little boys, I want them to be surrounded by a church that will give them a solid spiritual foundation. I think First Baptist has already been doing that through all of their wonderful ministries, but now, through the GENERATIONS Building and Renovation project, my children will be able to SEE how much their church loves them. 

This past year has been a year that I never would have predicted for my family. 

I was laid up on the couch with an autoimmune neuromuscular disease for the majority of these past twelve months.  Therefore, I was especially grateful we are part of a church that helped us grow in our faith and taught our children more about God’s love, even through the challenges the pandemic brought.

The way that our church has stepped up during the pandemic to teach our children over Zoom Sunday School calls, Christmas kits for our children, and an engaging Easter in a Box Lent kit has meant the World to us!

I may be too weak to physically do all of the things that I used to do with and for my church, but I was reminded in a devotional the other morning that God has done miraculous things through people who are in their sickbeds.  

Why not use me during this point in my life?  I’m still able to share my thoughts, and I’m still able to give my money.  

So, I’m opening up to you in hopes that you will know that God can use you no matter how weak you are feeling (physically or otherwise).  

“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”  2 Corinthians 12:9

I am making a donation to GENERATIONS because I want my children to have a place where they can forget all of life’s troubles and simply rest in God’s love.

Ellen Adams 

(Wife of Alex, and Mom of James & George)