August Renovation Update

The rebid process has been completed, and the total project cost is now just under $7.5M.  That figure includes a $100k contingency, all the costs incurred in relocating the fitness room and library, and the cost of new furnishings, audio/video/lighting equipment and other items that FBC will supply.  The new men’s restroom and family restroom located near the sanctuary will remain a part of the project, but only a minimal amount of renovation will occur in the baptistry changing-room area where the new elevator will be located.  The old elevator will remain in place and be programmed to only serve the first and third floors.  The contract for the new elevator was released several weeks ago which will allow installation to begin at the start of construction.

Our general contractor, Johnson-Kreis, will be on site starting in mid-August.  Because the complexity of the project has been reduced, the completion date has not changed from original projections.  The first phase of construction should be completed and ready to occupy by mid-March 2021.  The second phase of construction should be completed by the end of October 2021.  A portion of the east lot will be fenced off for use by the contractor.  Entrance 4 (East Entrance) will remain open for use on Sundays and Wednesday nights.  More details will be provided as they become available.

We believe the adjustments to the plan provided good stewardship of the resources that the people of FBC have so generously committed to the GENERATIONS project.  The excitement now builds as we anticipate the completion of these wonderful new facilities.

Mike Kirk

Chairman- Trustees