Excitement and Unity in a Renovation

We moved to Huntsville in June, 1980 with a 21-month-old daughter and a son on the way. We joined First Baptist soon thereafter. 

     We found facilities and teachers ready to welcome our children – and frankly, the teachers were more important than the facilities. As they grew, they consistently had teachers who cared for them and about them. When Joel was born several years later, he received the same special treatment.

   Because of our children, we got involved in children’s activities such as worship care. It was fun watching the children and getting to know their parents. 

    Susan began to teach children in Sunday school, Music, and Vacation Bible School. She was on the committee to begin the daycare program. That included getting certified by DHR and other agencies. She eventually began to teach in the weekday program.

     We have been involved in several renovations over the years, but this one has brought the most excitement and unity. It is thrilling to see people come into our new children’s area for the first time whether it is parents with small children or those who haven’t had small children in a long time. 

   Our children are grown now, and all of them live out of town, but we feel that it’s important to have facilities and teachers for the children coming along now – and in the future.

Susan and Rodger Keene