Fanning Family

We’re the Fannings! You might know us as “Talley’s kids”, by my husband as an officer who roams the halls on Sundays, or by me as the “unofficial” children’s area greeter…those Fannings, we like to make our mark on FBC! 

When we moved our membership to FBC back in 2017 it was due in large part to the structured children’s program. We were impressed that there was a curriculum laid out from birth through high school. We don’t see Sunday School or Wednesday night activities as free babysitting, but as enrichment in our children’s lives. We want our daughters to grow in the love of Jesus and the church, and we walk that talk! There is a Fanning at FBC six days a week. Yes, really! Vera-Lynn & Eveline attend daycare five days a week and we are regular Sunday attenders. We desperately missed Sunday and Wednesday activities during 2020 shutdown.

Giving to the GENERATIONS campaign was a no brainer for our family. The classrooms at a minimum needed a makeover, and a dedicated safe place to play sounded ideal. The newly constructed indoor play area is such a blessing and beyond anything I could have imagined! GENERATIONS has made the church look and feel more inviting, warm, and family/children focused. I truly believe our visitors know that FBC values children, the parents/families raising them, and our vision of being the “heart of the city” just because of the updates and improvements made possible by GENERATIONS.

I know there were members who were not excited about GENERATIONS, the upset of moving rooms as construction took place, and losing their space. I hope those people have seen “the light” and are now excited about the new children’s area. It has breathed new life into the children’s ministry. The $1,000,000 surplus in campaign funds needed versus raised, should be more than proof enough to those members that this was a wanted and desperately needed upgrade. 

If FBC’s doors are open, then you probably can (but shouldn’t), throw a rock and hit a Fanning. FBC is our second home.

Love, The Fannings: Jacob, Tiffany, Vera-Lynn & Eveline