GENERATIONS Renovation Update

The opening of the Play Place addition officially ended Phase I construction, and the new play equipment has now been thoroughly tested out by many happy children!  There is still some remaining work outside near the addition, but the contractor has moved their protective fencing back to open up additional parking in our east lot.  The canopy has been repaired, the drive from Governors to Saint Clair is back in service, and Entrance 4 has resumed normal operation during the week.  The landscaping will be installed soon, and that work will include a new water feature which is being funded by a memorial gift.

Phase II construction is underway in several parts of the building.  The flooring in the classrooms and hallways has been removed, and demolition of walls and ceilings will soon be underway.  That space was sealed off during floor removal, but the intent going forward is to keep the stairwells nearest the Life Center open for access on Sundays as much as possible.  A temporary wall is being constructed around the Room 251 area where the new men’s restroom will be located.  The hallways will remain open.  The contractor will be using the area around Entrance 6 to move material in and out of the construction zone, so that entrance will remain closed for the remainder of the project.  There will also be a small section of the parking lot behind the Fellowship Hall used for dumpsters.  The lot will remain open for our use, but there will be times when the contractor is moving equipment in that area. Please observe the flag operators and use caution during those times.  The flooring in the stairwell beside the new elevator will be removed and replaced.  There will be a short period of time when that stairwell will be closed.  Access to the new elevator will not be affected.  Thank you for the patience you’re showing during those times when alternate routes are required to navigate the building!     

Thank you to the people of FBC for your continued support and generosity to GENERATIONS.

Mike Kirk