GENERATIONS Renovation Update

Phase II construction continues in several parts of the building.  The contractors have completed framing and rough-in of electrical and plumbing in the area near room 251.  Drywall has been installed, and tile installation for the new restrooms is underway.  This part of the project, which will be completed in November, will provide a men’s restroom, family restroom, and a larger gathering area close to the Sanctuary.  The contractors are also working their way down the second floor hallway in the front of the church installing sprinkler piping.  That piping will continue into the Phase II classroom space, and it will also be routed into the ceiling of the chapel.  The  chapel will be closed through October for the contractor to place sprinkler pipe along the edge of both sides at the ceiling level.  The pipe will be enclosed by a small drywall channel and the molding will be repositioned to maintain the original look.  As sprinkler piping is completed in each hallway area, that carpet will be replaced with vinyl to match Entrance 4. 

In the classroom area, framing is nearly complete and rough-in of plumbing, HVAC and electrical is in progress.  The new music ministry suite is also taking shape.  The music suite will be accessed through a storefront door along the hallway where room 254 was located.  The lobby area will feature graphics, a reception desk, and some stained glass from the original administrative office.  We expect the classrooms and music suite to be completed in January 2022.

Thank you to the people of FBC for your continued support and generosity to GENERATIONS.

Mike Kirk