GENERATIONS Renovation Update

Progress continues in all areas as we near the first step of the “three-step” opening for Phase I.  Inside Entrance 4, ceiling and laminate flooring is being installed in the area around the new elevator.  The laminate will temporarily stop just past the new elevator but will eventually be extended around the entire second floor.  Flooring is also being installed over the concrete areas on the first and third floors.  The temporary construction walls have been removed for us to begin using the new elevator once the inspector gives us permission.  After the new elevator is in service, the old elevator will again stop only on the first and third floors.  There are signs and safety ropes in place to guide us during this transition period.

The concrete under the canopy leading up to Entrance 4 will be re-sloped to meet current code requirements.  That work will begin on May 10th and will take about 2 weeks to complete.  For those that park in the East lot, vans will provide transportation to and from the front entrances on May 16th.

In the classroom area, the rooms are nearly complete with final items like paper towel holders, TV monitors, signs, security cameras and intercom being installed.  We will begin placing the new furniture in the rooms in mid-May, and occupancy is still on track for early June.  The ceiling in the Kid’s Center has been painted black, and the wall finishes will be installed soon.  The stage will have laminate, and the room will feature a multi-colored design for the carpeted floor.

Outside Entrance 4, the Kid’s Playplace is really taking shape!  The heavy steel work is complete, and most of the wall framing is in place.  The roof is almost ready for the top layer of metal.  We are on track for occupancy of the Playplace in July.  The initial work on the new men’s restroom near room 251 (original library) has been pushed out until after Entrance 4 work is complete.

Each week we get closer to the time this renovated facility will begin serving our church and community.  Thank you to the people of FBC for your continued support and generosity to GENERATIONS.

Mike Kirk