GENERATIONS Reveal 1 Year Anniversary Before & After Updates

Happy 1st Anniversary!

These past 12 months have been remarkable in more ways than one! We have seen continued build progress on our new and renovated spaces and a higher than average percentage of contributors and participation towards our GENERATIONS Building and Renovation Campaign. The transformation of our campus, the flexibility of our staff, and the efficiency of our contractors and building crews have been nothing short of amazing, especially given the challenges Covid has thrown our way.

But you know, for me, the 2 months preceding the March 8 Celebration Sunday were among the most meaningful. FBC friends from across our generations eagerly came together to share testimonies, teach Bible lessons, encourage one another, give their time to distribute GENERATIONS materials, deliver gift bags to children and more! I loved seeing children being encouraged to jump in to serve just as much as I loved watching experienced adults help to lead! It was beautiful!

I invite you to look around this webpage to see updated before/after photos, read the latest blog posts, and know that big things are coming very soon!  

To God be the glory for the gift of generations FBC has been blessed with and I give thanks for the God honoring gift of GENERATIONS.

Debbie McDaniel
GENERATIONS Building and Renovation Communications Chair

Before: Baptismal changing room area on the third floor.
After: The elevator shaft is complete, but the elevator has not put installed yet though. 
Before: Music Suite and Reception area
After: Stage preparation for Children’s Worship Area.
Before: Looking into the building from Entrance #4. 
After: The new elevator shaft is located on the wall where the Welcome Center was preciously located
Before: Outside Entrance 4 
After: The electrical transformer has been updated and moved from its original location.  The gas lines were moved as well to prepare for the pouring of the new foundation.
Before: Room 242, across from the Music Suite
After: This area was completely gutted and the framing is much different now, including new duct work throughout.  
Before: From the East Entrance, looking down the hall (towards the current elevator) where Music Suite offices were located.
After: Wall in East Entrance is removed. The circular framing against the far wall is where KidMin check-in sites will be.  The sunny area in the center of the bottom photo will be the entrance into the new children’s area