Harvilee Harbarger

First Baptist has been my church home my entire life. I was on Cradle Roll at this church 88 years ago. I grew up in this church and after graduating from Auburn, my husband Jack and I returned and we raised our family at FBC. Right now, three generations of my family are active here. The Children’s Building and Renovation project isn’t the first building campaign we’ve been a part of, but that doesn’t make it any

less important. I remember when we built the church at 600 Governors Drive, it was the biggest sanctuary in town, and more recently, we built the addition that includes the Student Center, the Gathering Space, and Life Center. These have opened more ministry opportunities for our church. We needed space then, and we need new and updated space now.



When we were building the church at 600 Governors Drive, we were a young family and couldn’t give as much as some of the older folks. I know if they hadn’t supported us, we wouldn’t have what we have today. Most of my friends and I will not experience how this space for ministry affects our future, but it’s not our future, it’s First Baptist’s future. Even though I’m on the other end now, I plan to support this new space. I want to see our church continue to reach other young families.

When my husband Jack and I moved back to Huntsville, there was no question where we would go to church. It’s not like that now. I want the young adults who grew up in FBC, when they move to Huntsville, to come back to this church, their home church, and raise their own families here. I want families who move to Huntsville to see our church and know that FBC is the place to be if you have children. I want young families to create memories with their own children within the walls of this building. A new, welcoming space dedicated to children won’t be the only thing that brings them back, but it will be a message to them and our entire community that our church loves and cares for the children and their families.

Today’s children are the church of the future. It’s important that my generation be the church for our future generations.

Harvilee Harbarger