How to Use These Lessons

In the next few weeks, we will embark on a journey to explore that which is beyond us, but not beyond God. What if we – both individually and as a church – trusted God to lead us toward a destination beyond our imagination?

This is much more than a Sunday morning study guide. It has been designed as a companion for the GENERATIONS initiative. What we do in worship, the messages we hear, and every aspect of our life together as FBC will be guided by this study during the coming weeks.

Money is a sensitive issue in our culture and yet it is central to our commitment to Jesus Christ and a yardstick to measure our understanding of grace. We hope this study will help us all experience why Christian giving is such an adventure. It is our prayer that each of us will renew our hearts and change our lives by soaking in the Gospel hope which motivates us to live for his glory and care for others.

Use this study guide as an advisor. If the group responds to the lesson in an unexpected but honest way, go with that. If you think of a better question than the next one in the lesson, ask it.

Enjoy your Bible study experience. Have fun. Pray before each session — for your group members, for your time together, and for wisdom and insight.

Thank you for leading your Bible study group through our study.

Ed Culpepper
Retired Administrative Pastor, First Baptist Church Huntsville Writer, GENERATIONS Bible Study Lessons

Ways You Can Give

For our church to reach its financial goal, we will need commitments in varying amounts. Please consider your commitment in proportion to your resources. These commitments are for 3 years, over and above your current giving.