Members, Staff, Now Members Again

Our journey at FBC by Joy and Michael Moore

On a Sunday in August 1971, a young couple parked in front of First Baptist Church and walked into the building bringing their 10-month-old daughter with them. They are uncertain which door to come in but are greeted by a woman who welcomed them warmly and offered to help the find the right room for their child. Could that have been Evelyn Lucas who was the greeter at the nursery for years? 

Michael and I had just moved to Huntsville and were in search of a church home. Although we were not fond of the architecture of the building, we heard there was a good music program, so we came to check it out. The next day, I was called at home by the Minister of Music because someone had told him we were singing parts in church on the hymns. We had a good conversation which included me asking if Michael could come and practice on the organ!

We did our due diligence and visited several churches but returned to FBC knowing we could find a home here. We joined the Sanctuary Choir and the next summer, I helped in VBS. Quickly we both became involved in teaching Sunday School and eventually I was teaching children’s choirs. The membership surrounded us with love and helped us through the losses and celebrations. Our children were loved and nurtured by the men and women of this congregation and established lasting friendships with others in their age groups.

Michael and I have been active in fundraising for all remodels, additions, upgrades throughout the church since joining. Some of these included more ranks for the sanctuary organ, a new (used) pipe organ for the chapel, completion of the carillon, several restoration tries on the mosaic, building of the Christian Life Center, installing equipment on the courtyard playground which replaced 45 year old equipment, remodel and extension of Fellowship Hall, library and Parlor extension, Sanctuary remodel including replacing the windows and upgrading the console of the organ, and the wonderful addition of the Student Center/Life Center/Office Suite/Gathering Place. 

During this time, our children’s rooms were pretty much untouched. We are blessed with large rooms which included small bathrooms in each.  However, in all the time we have been here, the only upgrades to happen in the children’s areas were after a fire event in 1989. The teachers and staff kept our rooms clean, bright and safe but they were dated!  The children’s area needed some updating, modernizing, and soon. The children of our church deserved better!

The GENERATIONS Team was formed and went to work. Many discussions, some negotiating and lots of meetings happened. We are thankful for the long and thoughtful processes that have gone into the plans for the preschool and children’s areas of this church. We are grateful for the flexibility of a congregation to know children are important to the growth of “the kingdom” and are willing to compromise with children in mind. We are certain when it is all complete we will say together, “This is good.”

There are not enough words of excitement to explain how happy we are that the children of our future generations will have the best classrooms, play space, and gathering spaces designed for them in mind. It is our hope you will continue to support Generations to its completion and that you will invite your friends and neighbors to bring their children and their children’s children to this place to learn of God’s love.

Joy and Michael Moore

Joy served on FBC staff, including her role as Minister to Preschool and Families, for 35 years from 1985 to 2019.
Michael served various roles, including interim organist and filled in often from 1972 until 2018.