Reaching into a Community that Needs More than just New Tile and Grout

Hello, we are John and Jamie Richardson and we have two elementary
aged kiddos, Eli (11) and Ava (7). John grew up at FBC; his family has
always been part of the action here and he had such a great childhood
with FBC at the core. I, Jamie, felt immediately taken into the fold
when we moved here in 2006; FBC has been part of who we are as our own

Eli began attending WEE as part of the Infant class and was
loved and nurtured all the way through to PreK. Ava had to wait a
little and was super, extra excited to begin in the 2 year old class
at WEE and was loved and nurtured all the way through to PreK also.
Both children attended Sunday School classes from their earliest days
and have been loved and taught each Sunday. We’ve also been part of
the Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) group since Eli was a baby and we
all benefited so much from that. Add to that all the wonderful
Wednesday night childcare and Music and Missions classes, the Kids
Night In evenings, Vacation Bible School, Music Camp, and a host of
other events, our children have literally grown up in the church
building. We all have been so blessed by the love and care that just
radiates God’s love to all who come.

When I, Jamie, was on the Preschool/Children’s Renovation team and
began to hear that a renovation for FBC Children’s area was being
worked up, I was THRILLED! The facility is definitely showing its age
and is in desperate need of basic renovation. The plans began to
develop and mature and when the first major plan was asked to become
“more”, I was thrilled even more. Not because we all like to spend
more money, but because it added such an opportunity for our church to
reach further: to reach into a community that needs more than just new
tile and grout; to reach toward children and parents who need all the
wonderful opportunities that our children have been provided with as
FBC members; to reach toward children and parents and give them a
space to let their children be loved and for the parents to be
nurtured; to reach toward reimagining just how we all represent God in
our neighborhood.

We cannot wait to be able to be part of this new
facility and to help provide others with the blessings that were given
to us as a young family. John and I have committed to financially
being part of Generations, but we also plan to be part of declaring
God’s power and mighty acts to the next generation for many years to

John and Jamie Richardson