Renovation Update March 2021

The project is moving into the final stretch for Phase I, and good progress continues in all areas of the building.  A combination of weather and other factors has caused the schedule to fall a little behind for the outside work, but the inside work is farther ahead.  As a result, you can anticipate a “three-step” opening for Phase I as the elevator, Kid’s Center and classrooms, and Kid’s Playplace are occupied in sequence.

The elevator car assembly has been installed, and the contractor is working towards completing enough of the work in that area for the inspectors to allow its use.  We anticipate that the new elevator will be approved for our use by April 11th, but a backup plan is in place to use the old elevator for access to the second floor on Sundays if needed.  Our return to in-person Bible study will offer the bonus of either riding the new elevator or getting a sneak peek of the renovated space!

Inside the building, the drywall has been installed and painting is underway.  The contractor has installed the ceiling grid in the classrooms and hallways, and the new LED lighting is already in use.  The various low voltage systems, such as LAN and intercom, are being installed, and the ceiling tiles will be in place as soon as that work is complete.  The laminate flooring, bathroom tile and cabinetry have been installed in the classrooms, and carpet will be put in place next.  The plumbers are installing sinks and bathroom fixtures.  The stage in the Kid’s Center is built, and the drywall work is almost finished in that area.  The children’s check-in area is taking shape, and ceiling grid will be in place soon.  Four of the five stairwells have received the required new handrails, and those areas will be painted in the coming days.  The contractor decided to wait until Phase II to work on the stairwell nearest the WEE entrance.  We anticipate occupancy of the Kid’s Center and classrooms in early June.

Outside Entrance 4, the foundation for the Kid’s Playplace is complete, and the first steel is going up.  The addition will feature an arched roof, complementary brick, and lots of glass.  We anticipate occupancy of the Playplace in July.  The concrete leading up to Entrance 4 has to be re-sloped to meet current code requirements, and that work is anticipated to begin in early May.  Watch for notices on when that area will be closed off for a short period of time.  The contractor has decided to begin some of the Phase II work earlier than originally scheduled.  In April, they will begin work on the new men’s restroom near room 251 (original library).  This area was scheduled to be the last work done, but the goal is to have it complete prior to December 2021.  That will allow us to have a new restroom and enlarged gathering area for the many people who will visit our campus for LCT 2021!  

Thank you so much for your willingness to make adjustments and your great attitude as the space is being transformed, literally, all around us.  Each week we get closer to the time this renovated facility will begin serving our church and community.  Thank you to the people of FBC for your continued support and generosity to GENERATIONS.

Mike Kirk