ROCK Foundation

We, Glen and Donna Jones, had Huntsville on our radar for retirement since the start of our marriage at Fort Campbell, Kentucky 38 years ago.  After eight moves abroad and stateside, we finally arrived at our destination in January 2020.  Donna and I both were raised by Christian parents who also served in the military.  Both of our parents instilled in us the desire to live and say with our lifestyle “it’s Sunday and we GET to go to Church!” Like our parents, we both attended, supported, and served in various capacities in the many different churches we attended.  We think that our dedication was the result of the ministry we received in our home supported by the children and youth ministries provided by these churches.  We tried to instill this same desire in our children.  

We may be best known as Andy’s parents to this congregation.  Our son Andy moved to Huntsville after graduation from college.  He searched for a church with a good choir program that would allow him to use his gift of singing.  We are grateful this church rallied around him and supported him as a single adult.  It was here he met Erin in his Sunday School class. This last month we were blessed with an addition to our third generation at this church, Ana Grace.  We visited the FBCH many times over the past few years as Andy’s guest before moving here. So soon after we arrived last winter, we joined the church. The following week we pledged to the Generation’s campaign without hesitancy.  

Our opportunities to serve at church over the years has taught us it is easier to build kids than repair adults.  We strongly believe that the foundation for a child’s spiritual formation is developed in the early years of a child’s life.  It is this foundation that helps to equip us to weather the storms of life.  After touring the Heart of the City Kids’ and KidMin area at the June Open House, it is evident that this church has provided a safe, stimulating, and engaging environment that will nurture spiritual growth. Our prayer is that you will build your foundation on the ROCK that FBCH provides.  Matthew 7:24-27, Psalms 18:2