September Renovation Update

Construction is well underway!  Demolition activity is taking place where the new elevator, WEE office suite and nursery area will be located.  Plumbing, duct work and electrical conduit in the path of the elevator is being relocated.  Some of the heaviest concrete demolition for the elevator shaft will be done in the evenings to better accommodate church operation, and the four main steel support columns for the elevator will be installed soon. 

Near Entrance 4 (East Entrance), the site for the children’s playspace is being cleared.  The main electrical transformer and gas meter will be relocated the first full week in October necessitating that the church building be closed from October 5th through 9th.  A new waterline will be installed from Saint Clair to behind the Fellowship Hall to supply the new fire sprinkler system.

It is amazing to watch the transformation taking place in this space.  In just a few more months (~March 2021), Phase One will be completed, and our children will have a special place to call their own.  Thank you to the people of FBC for your continued support and generosity to GENERATIONS.

Mike Kirk

Chairman- Trustees

First Floor Elevator Area
New WEE Office Area