The Broadway Family

For us, it was never a question of DO we want to support the GENERATIONS renovation project, but rather, how and how much. When faced

with significant decisions or potential obligations, we like for the project to be able to answer these three questions: 1) Does this project further the Kingdom of God? 2) Will it touch lives for Christ? And 3) Will it touch lives for Christ in the next generation? Each of these answers are “yes” in regards to GENERATIONS.

Our five children benefited from our quality children’s ministry. Two are still here. Each has been the recipient of a blessing given by people we will never meet. Someone, somewhere up the line, made an investment in the lives of children who would someday walk these halls. Someone made an investment in our children’s lives, and therefore, in our family.

This type of opportunity doesn’t appear often, and it doesn’t happen
for everyone. But it’s here now. For anyone who has ever provided for another, they know it’s a blessing to BE a blessing. This is the opportunity to be a blessing, not just for another person, but for generations to come. To support such a project with such an impact is really a once-in-a-lifetime event. We are all are ready for it. We will have a child in the children’s department for a little while still, but even when our youngest has graduated, we may be walking our grandchildren down these halls.

By supporting GENERATIONS, we are securing the longevity of our church by providing an exciting new space for the children to learn and witness the love of Christ. When you minister to children, your ministry goes much deeper; you are also ministering to their families.

Parents want a place that is not only safe for their children, but is also fitting with their world as they know it. These much-needed improvements and updating will bring the area up to speed with the rest of the church. There will be a space where the children and their parents will be comfortable and confident. It’s what this generation of parents of young children is seeking, for themselves, for their children, for their family’s future. It’s not a question of DO we want to support this next stage of growth and changing with the times, but HOW can we jump in?!

Bob & Julie Broadway