What Can I Say?

How ‘bout Thank God! and Wow! and Amazing! and Way to go! and Hallelujah! What an incredible day, to celebrate pledges of $8,313,121 toward a $7 million goal! Keri and I have been part of six capital stewardship campaigns, and we’ve never seen anything quite like it. But that’s not all.

To have 573 pledges, representing 1,321 people (singles, couples and families with kids) is wonderful.But that’s not all.

To have thirty-three people come forward to join our church during the seven weeks since we began the campaign is remarkable. But that’s not all.

In ways I didn’t anticipate, this GENERATIONS campaign has deepened relationships between the generations of our church family. We can’t lose that. We have to capture this momentum and foster even deeper, more meaningful, inter-generational relationships. I hope you will reach out to people not of your generation to have dinner, to go to lunch after church, for inter-generational bible study mixers, or in any way you can think of.

What a day. What a church. And what an honor to be…

Your Pastor,