A Joy To Give

I joined FBC 26 years ago to worship with my family that were already members, (and to play French Horn in a fantastic orchestra!). I watched my niece and nephew grow up at FBC, Johnny and Suzanne Kirk, holding hands and walking the same halls that I now walk with their children, my great nieces and nephews, as they go to their classes. 

I have no children, but I certainly feel the love from our young people at FBC! I so enjoy their participation in worship, children’s time up front each Sunday, and how they share in singing and talking about what they are learning at Church. I also feel the excitement when I walk by our new GENERATIONS area that is so inviting to them and providing a much needed renovation for our community. 

I am proud of the way our Church family recognizes the importance of this investment in our future. Contributing to the GENERATIONS Building and Renovation campaign gives me joy to know that not just the kids in my family, but all young people will have a safe, colorful, warm, loving place to learn about Jesus and to take His teachings with them into their world.

As you can see from the recent photo above, I am usually surrounded by hugs, laughter, games, noise, craziness, and most of all LOVE! Thank you FBC for allowing me to be a part of this project. It is not too late to contribute and join us in this joyous campaign!

Suzy Young