God Calls Us

The Crocker family supports (and has financially committed to) the GENERATIONS Building and Renovation Campaign, not just because we believe God calls us to give what we are able to our church, but also because we want to invest in the longevity and growth of First Baptist Church. 

We have attended FBC since we moved to the Huntsville area more than 16 years ago. Actually, we left for several years, seeking a church that was closer to our home in Madison, and thinking that we could find somewhere else that met our spiritual needs just as well. But we were wrong. When our children got old enough—or maybe when we adults got mature enough to realize what we were really looking for in a long-term church home—we sought a church that we knew would provide the right environment for the spiritual, social, and emotional growth of our children and be a welcoming, comfortable place with a serving mentality for our whole family.  We quickly realized there was no other place to be than FBC. The children’s and youth ministry have been wonderful for our kids, and we want as many people in this community as possible to experience the same for as long as possible. We believe GENERATIONS is necessary to ensure that happens, and that’s why we’re supporting it.

Beth and Andy Crocker