Generations of Change

Is it just coincidence or the prompting of God’s spirit, that every ten years or so, the congregation of FBC launches an effort to enlarge, renovate, or reshape our facilities? Our church history is filled with powerful stories of such efforts. These stories often highlight challenges that were overcome.

As we have throughout our history, we can make sure FBC’s facilities are equipped to reach the next generation, and at the same time, launch modern-day church plans like “Fresh Expressions of Church”.

Nan and I believe there is no better place to invest the resources God has entrusted to us. We are excited that our gift will be a part of the coming decades of ministry at FBC.

Mike Kirk, FBC Chairman of the Trustees

Every ten years or so, the congregation launches an effort to enlarge, renovate, or reshape our facilities.



During the Great Depression, Pastor J.T. Milford and other staff voluntarily reduced their pay while the church built a new space for students.


As involvement in World War II loomed, the church pushed to complete a project to expand education space.


Education Space and Sanctuary Renovation – Clinton Drive Bldg.


During the 1960s, construction of our current Governors Drive facility, members co-signed personal notes with the church because of the difficulty of obtaining a loan. The congregation helped launch new church plans in Huntsville even while struggling to finance a building of their own.


Mosaic and Sanctuary Stained Glass Windows


Bell Tower and CLC Renovation


Sanctuary Renovation, Fellowship Hall Addition and Renovation, East Entrance and Hallway Widening


Life Center, Student Center, Gathering Space, Admin Suite

Ways You Can Give

For our church to reach its financial goal, we will need commitments in varying amounts. Please consider your commitment in proportion to your resources. These commitments are for 3 years, over and above your current giving.