Benefits from a Foundation Laid

Our children are third generation FBC members.  While they are too old for the children’s ministry now, we look back on their time in FBC’s children’s ministry, walking on the colored footprints on the floor and riding in the bye-bye buggy, with nostalgia.   We recognize in looking back through the years, each generation of our family has reaped the benefits from the foundation laid by the previous generation. We worship in buildings and facilities paid for by those who have gone on to their heavenly reward. We believe it is important to help lay the same foundation for the next generation, and our renovated children’s area certainly accomplishes that goal. 

 Statistics show that more and more of the younger generation leave the church. While having nice facilities is not the ultimate goal, it can open the door to a person coming to church and being presented with the Gospel.  We are so pleased to have been a part of GENERATIONS our church family’s giving force that has resulted in such a fantastic facility. 

Jennifer and Kenneth Matthews