Growing & Returning Generations

We are Brady and Emily Buford. I (Brady) have been going to FBC since I was born, and Emily has been attending since 2018 and has felt welcomed and at home. We met at a campus ministry at the University of Alabama, and after we both graduated college, we needed to find a church home in Huntsville. Emily visited FBC with me and it was a perfect fit for us. Now, we hope that by supporting the GENERATIONS campaign, we can help the church be even more of a perfect fit for us, as well as others.

Something that we think is so special about the GENERATIONS campaign is how it has brought together so many people of different ages in the church. So many people, including me, have grown up in this church and have memories here that have shaped our lives. Some of my memories of attending church as a child include: getting my first bible in the chapel, playing on the playground, and being able to learn about Jesus through bible stories.

We loved hearing stories from families of different generations tell us about their experiences and why GENERATIONS is important to them. Hearing these stories inspired us to really think about what this campaign would mean for the future of this community. 

We want to help out however we can in shaping the lives of current and future children of this church and community, and we believe that the GENERATIONS campaign is one of the best ways to do that. We take joy in knowing that this change will impact so much more than the children and their families that are currently in this space. Future children of the church, as well as their families and friends, will also benefit. They will see how much the church is invested in the future of our church and community and want to become a part of it. We believe that this will be somewhere that kids will enjoy coming to and feel at home at.

Brady & Emily Buford