Children’s Ministry Brought Them Through the Door

When Andrea and I were engaged, I remember my grandmother asking if our church had a children’s program.  She told me that when my dad was little, they left the small church they had been attending and began attending a new church because they had a strong children’s program.   My family has been members at that church for almost 60 years now, all because a children’s program brought them through the door.  

My generation is experiencing an interesting phenomenon of individuals growing up in the Church, leaving as young adults, and returning to raise their children in the Church.  Our investment in our children’s space, through GENERATIONS Building and Renovation project, could help bring those families and their children back to the Church and back to a relationship with their Creator. 

I believe our new children’s space will have a ripple effect on our entire church and that God will use it to build a strong foundation for the future of FBC Huntsville and the future of the Kingdom of God.  As Andrea and I expect our daughter this coming June, we are thankful for the investment that our church is making in our children’s program and we are very excited to be a part of it.  Whether it be VBS, summer camps, music time, or even just Wednesday night and Sunday morning activities, the events that will take place in these new facilities will help lay a strong foundation for our daughter’s faith.   We hope and pray that many families, both current and new, will be blessed by this commitment to GENERATIONS from our church.

David and Andrea Brooks