GENERATIONS…Five of them!

We moved to Huntsville October 6, 1989, Phillip was returning to Alabama after 7 years and I was a new transplant from the mid-west.  Phillip’s aunt, Doris E. Roberts, had been on staff with FBC for many years and Phillip has had family attending FBC since before the 1900’s.  Phillip’s grandmother, Zora Dilworth Roberts was born in 1898 and raised at FBC and her father, Philip’s great-grandfather, was John D. Dilworth who served as an active deacon for years.  So, Aunt Doris ensured we considered FBC first as we looked for our new church family. We owe a tremendous “thank you” to her for pulling us to FBC as this church has been the conduit of untold blessing to our family.  Both of our adult children are “who they are” today in large part due to the careful, loving attention and instruction provided by many of our FBC family.

Laura was raised in the Methodist tradition in Kansas; we visited a couple of area churches and quickly found that FBC Huntsville had a place for us.  We made life-long connections and community, both at church and in our neighborhood.  FBC not only helped us raise our two children but several friends of FBC invested in our children and helped us shape them and teach them about a personal relationship with their God/Jesus!

When we were asked “Why did we give to the Generations project?” we discovered there are several reasons we wanted to give. We have benefitted from the mentors and leaders who have done this for us and our children; watched our son and his family connect with a similar church in Georgia and seen how they (FBC Cumming) support and encourage young families and our 2 year old grandson; seen first-hand how FBC benefits our community; known the joy we have received by the community & missions opportunities to serve; and we feel it is a fantastic way to invest in the future at FBC Huntsville.

Most importantly, we have experienced first-hand multi-generations connecting and helping us raise our two children AND as we are expecting our second grandchild, who will most likely be raised at FBC, we want to help create that opportunity and experience for her.  It is exciting to think that a sixth generation can be raised in such a loving church family that invests in its people as well as the community it dwells among!  WE are excited to invest in the future of FBC Huntsville and see how God builds relationships with His people. May God continue to bless His church at 600 Governors Drive.

Philip and Laura Roberts