Paying It Forward

I had been a member of FBC a couple of years when I was put on bedrest due to high-risk triplet pregnancy.  Billy Orton and others brought that year’s Living Christmas Tree to me by showing up one evening and singing Christmas carols in my living room! 

After my triplet sons were born in March 2001, a ladies’ Sunday School class led by Patty Atherton, took shifts two days a week to help with the task of feeding, rocking and changing three tiny babies.  These ladies came into my home and helped me survive the first few months of caring for multiples.   Evelyn Lucas with the FBC Cradle Roll brought 3 handmade white blankets to swaddle my tiny babies.  I still have “pieces” of those much-loved blankies.  

Jonathan, Daniel and Nicholas Ceci began Mother’s Morning Out at FBC when they were 18 months old.  The boys attended Sunday School and VBS at FBC.  I am forever grateful to the teachers who poured themselves into their lives.   The boys accepted Christ as their Savior in 2012 and were baptized by Jamie Mackey.  Joey Jesup began a small group with the boys and stays in contact with them to this day.  They attended youth retreats, events and gatherings throughout their middle and high school years.  They made lasting friendships.  They are away at college now, and I feel confident that the years at FBC gave them a strong foundation on which to build the rest of their lives.   I look forward to the Christmas Eve service at FBC. As I tell my sons every year, that is the only Christmas gift I want – them to be with me at FBC on Christmas Eve.  

I support Generations because I want other families to feel the same love we have received for the last 23 years.  

Lisa, Jonathan, Daniel and Nick Ceci