Joining the Church and GENERATIONS

We are the Craig family. We moved to Huntsville in the spring of 2020, started virtually attending First Baptist, and then joined the church in the spring of 2021. We are so thankful for this new church home and how it has a place for everyone. It was so exciting to join when the church was undergoing its GENERATIONS renovation. What we loved…first was the body’s willingness, during a time of panic and frustration, to find balance in worship for all.  Second, we loved that the church was looking to the future. 

We joined the church with two elementary aged children so knowing that our girls would have the space to grow socially and, especially, spiritually was important to us. We can never neglect the next generation and its need for Jesus. There are no grandchildren in the family of God: only brothers and sisters of Christ. It is vital then we share the gospel with each generation. We were happy to join our money to that commitment and goal. 

We love that the girls are always begging to stay in the church building longer in order to play on the indoor playground after we are finished with church and Sunday school. We love that this space gives our family the ability to interact with others in less structured but social setting and we look forward to meeting more families at the indoor playground at First Baptist.

Kevin and Beth Craig