Stepping In and Stepping Up

Greg moved to Huntsville to start a new job in January 1992 after graduating from Mississippi
State University. Six months later, we married and started our new life together in Huntsville. We
visited a few churches, but I will never forget the first time I saw First Baptist Church. Greg,
being a jokester by nature, told me that was First Baptist Church, and I said, “I have never seen
a Baptist church like that before.” Little did I know that the church with the beautiful mural on the
front would become our church home for 29 years.
We immediately felt at home on our first visit and we joined FBC on our second visit. Members
welcomed us from different generations. Howard and Dot Sanderford, Randy and Brenda
Bounds, Jim and Patti Atherton, Pat and Gordon Perry, Bill and Anne Stone, John and Elaine
Dickson, Mark and Donna Rogers, Ed and Sandy Bowlin, and David and Rhonda Barrett
reached out to us and made us feel at home. I have so many fond memories of being connected
with different generations at FBC. From delivering meals on wheels with Dot Sanderford to
working with Anne Bailey in ESL to enjoying Wednesday night meals and worship to
fellowshiping with young adult supper clubs, I felt God’s love from all generations.
Greg and I immediately jumped in and started serving. Greg got involved with the youth
ministry, and I started working with children through VBS and music and missions. We knew
the importance of each generation within the church. We invested our lives in different areas of
the church because we wanted to share our faith and grow together as Christ followers. Just a
few years later, we welcomed our first child, Rebecca, and soon began serving in worship care.
The love that was showered on Rebecca during her time in WEE will always be precious to us.
Fast forward a few years, and we soon welcomed Emily, Jonathan, and Stephen. There were
many older couples who blessed us by loving our children during Sunday School and worship
Our church set an outstanding example of how to serve generationally. Greg and I made it a
priority to step up and serve alongside our children as they were growing and learning about the
love of God. We began teaching children’s Sunday School and Greg got involved in RA’s and
chaperoning children’s camp. We eventually followed our children to the student ministry and
started serving on mission trips and on Wednesdays and Sundays.

First Baptist Church’s Children’s Ministry is an incredible ministry of our church because of the
people who pour their lives into our children. Our church family showed us the importance of
ministering and serving in the children’s ministry to share God’s love with the future of our
church. We value the importance of each generation in our church, and we are excited to be a
part of the Generations Campaign to grow our Children’s Ministry for generations to come.

Greg and Sherrie Frady