Shoulders on Which They Stand

“Plant a tree under whose shade you’ll never sit.”   That old adage was certainly not original to Bill or to me, but it’s the way we chose to live our lives.

I’ve had no personal children of my own.  But during my years at FBC I’ve had the pleasure of teaching students, single adults with children, young adults, median age adults.  I’ve taken “baby food” meals to many, many homes to welcome children into the world and our church family.  Seeing those families enjoy becoming working parts of FBC has been and is great joy.

So – it’s for those children that we’ve needed to provide a good place to call their own; a place that is built for children and their families; a place that lets them know we see children as very important parts of our church family.  We may be the “shoulders on which they stand”, but those children are the plants that preserve the purpose of the CHURCH.  We gladly made our financial pledge to the “tree under whose shade we will not sit.”  Money well spent.

Anne Stone