JANUARY Renovation Update

The project continues to remain on schedule, and much progress has been made in the last few weeks.  The elevator framing has been completed, the roof opening over the shaft is covered, and the car assembly will be installed next.  We are hopeful that the new elevator will be approved for our use by the end of February.  The foundation for the Kid’s Playspace is being constructed outside the East Entrance.  Concrete piers have been poured into deep holes, and a concrete slab foundation is being installed on top of those piers.  The steel structure will then be assembled and the addition will begin to take shape.


Inside the building, the majority of the drywall has been installed and taping/finishing is almost complete.  The sprinkler pipes have been installed above the ceiling level, and the new duct work is now in place.  There is still some framing needed for the Kid’s Center, and drywall will be installed there soon after the completion of framing.  The wall in the East Entrance opposite the choir room is being removed.  That really opens up the space that will serve as the children’s check-in area!  The contractor is almost ready to begin the ceiling grid installation in the classrooms and hallways.  One of the five stairwells has received the required new handrails.  They look great!  The contractor will be installing the remaining four, one at a time, over the next few weeks.


Each week we get closer to the time this renovated facility will begin serving our church and community.  Thank you to the people of FBC for your continued support and generosity to GENERATIONS.

Mike Kirk


Dry Wall