Leaving More than Grass Stains

One Sunday morning, as we were working Extended session with some preschool kids in the courtyard, Bill remarked about how when he was a kid, he loved to roll down the grass embankment leading to the play area.   I mentioned that I bet almost every child that has been involved in any of the churches children’s ministries have some grass stains from that same embankment.

Bill and I have seen the Children’s Ministry grow and change over the years. From Bill growing up in the church, and our children, Ellyn and Britney and now to our grandchildren Emma and Evelyn–each have had their own unique experiences that left more of a mark than just grass stains.  FBC has helped nurture my children in their faith and now my grandchildren as well.  I have enjoyed working in Mission Friends and GA’s with my daughters and being able to be involved in their activities. So much that I am back for another round with my granddaughters.

Our grown daughters are now contributing in their own way in many of the same ministries that they grew up in.  Those programs are a little different now-as we accommodate the changing needs of new families.  Being able to grow and adapt our programs will always keep it fresh and inviting.  Likewise, being able to adapt our building space will keep it fresh and inviting also.

We were here when the “Christian Life Center” was new and we thought that was the greatest thing-and there were a lot of good times there.  But now we have a new worship space, an expanded Youth facility and multipurpose areas. Because of that renovation, we have been able to make opportunities we could never have imagined before.   I think of the GENERATIONS renovation in the same way, and I look forward to seeing what new opportunities will come with this new space.

Andra & Bill McEwen