Our Privilege to Support and Give

Jerry and Carolyn Miller have been members of FBC since September 1960. We had a 4 month old son, Jerry Jr., whom we brought to FBC our first Sunday in town. He went to the nursery and it was a very pleasant experience.  We added two daughters, Jenny and Leslie, to our family and they enjoyed going to the nursery and preschool at FBC. The foundation we set for them continues. The FBC building was a special place for them that set the stage for their growth through the years. When we look back at the impact of FBC on our children we see how the friends they made at church, from infancy to youth, are still their good friends much later in life. FBC is a good place to make lasting friends.

Carolyn worked in Cradle Roll for many years and it was wonderful to watch the babies grow up in our church and become model parents themselves.

Based on Jerry’s almost 60 years of working with the youth of FBC he has seen how a budding and engaging children’s program adds to and supports an effective youth program. Based on their interest in and love for the Bible and its instructions, the children bring knowledge and enthusiasm to the youth ministry thus enhancing it greatly.

In order to attract young families, hence children, the facilities, and programs must be modern, safe and enlightening. It has been many years since FBC has attempted to do something about this important part of our church life. It is time to put our money and interest into this important program in order that our church can continue to be an effective ministry in our community for many more years. It is a place where parents can leave their children with confidence that they are getting the best possible learning experience.

We have been supporting many building and remodeling campaigns in the more than 60 years of membership. It is our privilege to support and give to the GENERATIONS Building and Renovation Campaign in order to enhance our vision we have for our children.

As you see great-grandparents write in support of upgrading and modernizing our facilities to attract and accommodate the children of our community it seems out of place. But in our case it definitely is not misplaced. The church needs and even requires us to have a growing and maturing membership to provide the leadership and caring that is necessary for a church to continue to function. We understand and support this idea of growing the “church” from within.

 The Millers