Sisco Family Has Deep Roots at FBC, Huntsville

GENERATIONS-a term that seems synonymous with the Sisco family at First Baptist Church.  Our children are fourth generation members of the Church we call home.   My grandfather attended First Baptist, my parents met and married in the Chapel.  I was enrolled on the Cradle Roll before I was born and brought to FBC every Sunday during my preschool and elementary school age years.  Jenny and I met each other in the Singles Department and married in the Chapel, and our children were also on the Cradle Roll before they were born.

Now in our 23nd year as a family, we felt it was important to support the Generations Building and Renovation project.  After we married, we taught preschool Sunday School for a few years.  This was an opportunity to share God’s love and Bible stories with some of the youngest of our church family and to help them grow in their love of the Church.   Our family has benefitted from Worship Care, as well as served faithfully to ensure others in our church family and community are able to attend worship knowing their children are loved and nurtured. 

Almost immediately after we were married, we were plugged into members of the Baptismal Committee.  Still on the Committee, we have witnessed numerous of the young children we taught in preschool, make their profession of faith and follow Jesus.   As our daughter, Caroline, became involved with GAs, Jenny became active in helping share the love of God and Jesus as they grew their faith and in mission activities.  

Our children have also been involved with numerous activities sponsored by the Children’s Ministry.  They have been regular Sunday School attendees, attended Vacation Bible School, helped with VBS, attended Wednesday night activities, camps, and attended Music Camp.  Jenny has also volunteered to serve as a VBS leader.  

By being active members in our church and watching our children as well as a whole generation of our faith family grow and mature in their faith, we know the importance of providing a space for all this growth to happen.   Choosing to be a part of the GENERATIONS  Building and Renovation is important to our family because we stand on solid Christian shoulders of those who paved the way for our family.  Providing space and opportunities for the future generations will only fortify FBC Huntsville’s  mission of continuing to grow Christians who serve in our community and perhaps the world one day.

As our City continues to grow and the Downtown footprint expands with more housing and mixed-use developments, we are proud to call FBC our church home and support the GENERATIONS  project for a Church at the Heart of the City.  It is a vital and important step by our Church to continue sharing God’s love for our City and surrounding community.
Tommy and Jenny  Sisco