Sights and Sounds of Construction

If you have been on the church campus in the last week or so, you have seen the beginnings of construction! A section of the east parking lot has been fenced off as a lay down lot for JohnsonKreis, our construction contractor. This will be used as a staging area for all the construction material and equipment. The driveway connecting St. Clair and Governors Drive will no longer be accessible. You can turn off St. Clair and turn right at the dumpster, but you cannot drive straight through to Governors Drive.

A new wall has been erected at the East Entrance (door #4), making a dedicated entrance for our construction crew and blocking off the area where the new elevator will be. Please note that this east entrance will be inaccessible during the week – there is no access to the key pad where you normally let yourself in. The doors will be unlocked for use only on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights for those parking in the east lot.

It is exciting to see work beginning on our project to enhance and expand our preschool and children’s ministry to reach our community and the next generation for Christ!

Debbie Bell
Business Administrator