Have you ever visited a church and had the feeling of “this is home”? Not long after Jeff and I
started our family, we found ourselves looking for a new church home in the Huntsville area.
Visiting new churches with babies is not an easy thing to do. When we left Colin and Blake in
the FBC nursery with the workers (I wish I could call each of you by name) we felt confident that
they were in good hands. About 24 years ago – before cellphones – FBC used pagers in the
worship care program. Receiving a pager and being assured that we would be notified if
needed was a comforting feeling for us as young parents and visitors. Once we knew our
children were safe, it allowed our hearts, minds, and bodies to be nurtured as we attended
worship. From cradle roll gifts to meals brought to our home, family dedication, Sunday School,
VBS, baptisms, church camps and I could go on, First Baptist Huntsville has invested in our
As a retired elementary teacher, children are very dear to my heart. When you love
and nurture a child you are investing in their family and their future. Children need to feel safe,
visible, and valued. This is true not only for the school setting but the church setting as well.
Our new children’s space does just these very things. Jeff and I are happy to be a part of the
Generations Campaign and to know that we can help welcome new, young families just as we
were welcomed almost 25 years ago.

Jeff and Beth Adams